Game Description

Night in Vapriikki is an exciting family-friendly adventure, whose events take place in the museum building of Vapriikki, and the collectible exhibits are real exhibits from Vapriikki's exhibitions! Using your game as a guide you'll get accustomed with Vapriikki's layout and part of the exhibitis it displays! Find the museum's lost exhibits and bring them black to their correct exhibitons. Use maps spread throughout the in-game museum as help while moving around the world. Escape the grasps of museum guards, whose minds have been altered by a curse! Find out the origins of the curse and solve the mystery of vapriikki!

Scrum master

Mika Rantanen

puh. 050 531 8483


Gonzalo Ortiz

puh. 040 029 4243


Teemu Ryhänen

puh. 050 516 0673


Marko Peurala

puh. 050 432 8213

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